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Social Distancing Rules:

The front door and the internal door will be supervised so 2m distancing can be kept, the floor will be marked with 2m spacings.
All who attend the church service MUST wear a face mask.
Weather permitting we will have the windows open as this is supposed to be good at diluting the airborne virus.
Anyone that has any of the symptoms are asked not to attend the church until the 14 day isolation period has passed.
The guest speakers have been cancelled for July, the services will be taken by our own members. (We will cancel the guest speakers for future services nearer to the dates unless the rules change)
There will be no refreshments before or after the service, please bring your own drinks bottles.
There will be no Sunday school at the minute, the children’s slot will be during the main service.

1) Upon entering the building:
1A) Wash your hands before entering the main hall.
2A) Please take your allocated seat, no mingling, hugging, standing to talk etc.

2) During the service:
2A) Singing isn’t allowed, so songs will be played for us to listen to, so we can worship our own way without singing!
2B) We will not be breaking bread at the minute.

3) Using the toilets:
3A) Only one person at a time is allowed inside the room.
3B) After using the toilet, please use the antibacterial wipes provided to clean the handles and then the seat, dispose in the bin provided.
3C) Wash your hands and dry using the paper towels. (all cloth towels will be removed)

4) After the service:
4A) We can have a short time to talk together, but you must not leave your seat to sit with others or to stand talking, conversations must be from the comfort of your allocated seat.
4B) When it’s time to leave we ask that those seated at the rear of the church leave first and then row by row from back to front.
4C) The leaders will stay to clean the church after everyone has left.